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Ideas Working From Home And Knowing Your Market

wowBefore contacting or reaching out to potential prospects, make sure you are prepared. Make sure you understand the prospects requirements before making that call and ultimately make that sale. Marketing and sales is a skill and requires focus and attention.

If you are really serious when marketing and selling, then being prepared and ready before you meet your prospects is so important. You need to be able to leverage information to your advantage to address those customer needs. Ensure your marketing strategy objectives are clear.

This is equally important if you are looking to be successful in the competitive home business market, especially when marketing and selling your Ideas Working From Home.

Let’s assume you have a list of customers. Before you go out to make contact you need to ensure you are prepared. You need to gather the best information in order to stand a chance to make that sale. You must know what the customers are really looking for. Provide what they want every time and you will be seen as an expert within your field – holding some authority.

Ideas Working From Home By Researching Your Market

So how do you become prepared? What are great business marketing ideas? Let’s start with three empty buckets. One at a time, we will now fill these with actionable information to help you make that sale.

Bucket 1 – company research. You need to research your potential customers. Find out as much as you can about the company and the people within. The internet is a great source to help with this. Think about how the company operates and their business? What critical issues do they face? Where are their opportunities for growth? How does their profit become affected by the economy? These questions will address the companies buying mood. Surprisingly, even in difficult times, companies will still buy. They will be looking for profitable solutions.

Bucket 2 – Industry research. This is about the industry competition. Where does the company stand within their industry? Are they fairing well compared to their competitors. Are there opportunities to help them build on their profits? Is there an opportunity on the horizon to help their business? It is important here is to learn their language. This is so that you can communicate effectively.

Bucket 3 – Competitive differentiation research. This is the ability to be able to stand apart from others in your industry. How do you sell your product or service over others? You really need to understand yourself and your business. What makes you better, stand out and separates you from your competition? You need to earn customers trust and help remove their fears. Gather some great testimonials helping to raise your profile.

You need to be aware what your competition does that you currently don’t but in fact should. You need to understand this to be at your best. How are you different?

Now that all 3 buckets are full of information, it isn’t now just a case of storing this knowledge and think you can get away with the line “I’ve been doing this for 20 years so I know what you are looking for!” It’s about using this information to tailor your sales presentation – being ready.

So, once you have filled your 3 buckets, you will have a combination of information about your customer, their industry and how you can align to their needs.

The information on its own is useless unless you know how to leverage this to your advantage. This is where you fill a forth bucket and this will contain the desired and tailored solution. To do this you will need to take relevant information from the 3 buckets. Readiness and success does not just apply to the information, but how you apply it. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Identify the solution that can be provided to meet the customers needs.
  2. Identify potential objections the customer may have. Make a list of these and provide answers. Knowing potential questions is important because you could address these before they come up.
  3. Create a list of intelligent questions to engage with the customer. This opens up dialogue. Remember avoid closed questions – those with yes and no answers. Ask open questions; how would you …, what do you plan …, How important is …., If you could change … etc. Think about the customers needs.

Remember, people don’t care about you, your service or product unless it affects them. Also remember customers and prospects are people so need to be treated as such.

Now Get Started Through Ideas Working From Home

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