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Strategies Of Marketing Starts With Setting Goals

Strategies Of Marketing

I keep writing motivational goal setting articles. Why is this? Understanding what you do is easy to describe e.g. a pilot, a chef, an entrepreneur etc. Understanding how you do what you do can also be explained. But do you know why you do what you do? Before you leave the page, just think about this for a minute.

Simon Sinek the author of ‘Discovering Your Why’ is also an inspiring speaker. Not only have I read the book, but have been on a ‘Discover your Why’ course. It really does make you think about why you like to do the things you do. Once your why is clear, the how and what then follows. [Click here to see a video of Simon explaining why we do what we do]

So knowing your why is only the start. What is motivating you on a daily basis? What is driving you out bed in the morning? How do you plan your future path? One of the methods, and yes you have heard this before, is to set goals. The principles of setting goals is a reminder, a route map to meet your vision or destination and is a key component to Strategies of Marketing.

Note this. Learning new skills is not the road to mastery. Mastery is about consistent daily practice. You can have all the systems, tools, techniques, but if you are not clear why you do the things you do then moving forward will be hard.

Strategies Of Marketing Starts With Setting Goals

Let’s focus on goal setting and rather than read this article and then walk away, let’s treat this like a short workshop. Why not participate in an exercise to establish your goal and post this around your house as a reminder.

6 steps to setting a goal are as follows:

  1. Personal Development. Who do you want to become? What is your mission or purpose? What do you want to achieve? List 3 things you want to become in the next year. What kind of person do you really want to become e.g. a world class internet marketer, a great communicator. List your top priorities for the next 3 months.
  2. Material. What material things would you like to surround yourself with e.g. your ideal house, your sought after car etc. To get your desired material things mean you will need to be the best person of yourself everyday. The things you want will never exceed your development. There maybe no limitations to want material things you want but be realistic.
  3. Financial. In the next year, what would you like as your monthly income?
  4. Business. What three things would you like to accomplish over the next year?
  5. Experiences. On reflection, what would like to say you did, the people you helped and what legacy did you leave behind? Equally, what three experiences will inspire you over the next three months?
  6. Physical. You need to keep your body in shape. A healthy body drives a healthy mind. You will see the difference in the way you perform and act. Get physical today.

So there you have it. A 6 point plan to give you focus and a vision. Don’t go through life directionless. Change your habits and change your ways. Commit and take action to meet your goals. Post these around your house as a reminder. Seriously! No one else is going to push you, so condition your mind and body, keep healthy, stay sharp and do what it takes to get you to where you really want to be. Take action!

Strategies Of Marketing Starts With You

We can all aspire to achieve better things. It may be a case of changing direction and doing something you have never done, but always dreamt of. I’m helping people to think positively about the future and how best use their time. I believe that people can find a way within to pursue an idea and a vision. We all have the ability to take control of our lives, but many just don’t know it or how.

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A changed routine changes the outcome. Find a winning routine and stick with it.

Hope you found this post useful – Strategies of Marketing.
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