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Online Marketing Strategy – The Follow Up Call

Online Marketing Strategy

For many of the online affiliate marketers, systems have been designed to avoid phone calls. People are invited to enter some details on a capture page and this is followed up by autoresponders.

In my view, the capture page should also include a place to hold a telephone number as well. Sometimes people would like to have a conversation – although this may only be the few.

Making calls is a valid marketing strategy.

Conversations build relationships, builds trust and ultimately sales.

If you are grabbing phone numbers then you need to be making that follow up call. An online marketing strategy should include the follow up call. Besides, this is not cold calling as the prospect has already provided their details.

Calling Your Leads Is An Online Marketing Strategy

Not many feel confident on the phone and yes we all probably dislike receiving marketing calls.

In this case, someone has provided a phone number so you will be reaching out to someone who wants to be contacted.

To be really effective, you need to make the call shortly after the prospect has provided their details. This way the whole thing is still fresh in the prospects mind as well as being impressed that someone responded so quickly.

Before and during the phone call, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you know your line of business inside out. This is so that you can be prepared for anything that is thrown at you.
  2. Don’t be someone who you are not. People will see right through this. Be yourself.
  3. During the conversation, adopt the same tone and pace as the prospect.
  4. Avoid using a script as this may sound as if you are a robot hence false.

The conversation needs to be as natural as possible, but with a focus and a purpose.

You need to put the prospect at ease and to end with a call to action.

The call should not be too long, but long enough to build some trust.

Avoid seeing the following as a script but a prompt list to help you decide how to structure your calls…

When the prospects answers, greet them with their first name as though you know them. This approach breaks down barriers.

“Hello Tom, it’s Gary here. I’m just giving you a quick call back in respect to your interest in [your business] “

You can then quickly ask what sort of day they are having.

“Great. What sort of day are you having?” You will either get a good or bad response. Determine their mood. It really is no good talking to someone who is having a bad day.

Take a lead from how they respond and strike up a small conversation. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about them.

Avoid discussing your business at this stage. Remember you are not here to sell. People hate being sold to.

Listen to their answer as this will guide you where to go next. Remember you need to be interested as opposed to interesting. Focus on them.

Makes key notes as you will be able to reflect this back if need be.

Once you strike up a conversation, find out what has got them interested in your business. Find out what research they done. What are they looking for.

“Okay Tom, what has got you looking for … [your business]?”

“As a matter of interest Tom, what information have you viewed to date?” If they have viewed information then ask ..

“Does the information make any sense and is this something that excites you?

To close, the call to action at this stage can go two ways depending on what they know about your business proposition.

If this is all new to them, direct then to where they can view more information.

“Tom. This is what you need to do next…..”

“Rather than take up your time on the phone explaining how this works, I would suggest you visit this website. Have you got a pen and paper? Great, visit www.xxxx. Do your due diligence. How long do you need? I will call you back tomorrow at [time].”

Should they sound uninterested then be firm and let them go. Don’t waste your time.

Adding Another Tool To Your Online Marketing Strategy

Be a leader. People are looking for a leader.

Let it be about them. People don’t hang up on themselves.

Remember, you have a solution to their pain. Be honest and genuine with people. Make that connection.

The phone conversation is an art. Don’t expect to get it right on the first, second or even the tenth. But in time you will.

Remember. Don’t take it personally when people hang up. Get over it and move on.

As mentioned at the start, there are a number of automated systems in place that will do all the selling and shifting and sifting for you.

To find out more about how you can earn an income through an automated system set up ready to go then hit one of the adverts on this page.

Hope you found this post useful – Online Marketing Strategy.

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