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Traits Of A Good Leader?

Do you have Traits Of A Good Leader?

I believe that we can be responsible the for path we take in own lives. Yet so many of us get stuck in a rut. I feel this is a result of people looking for a job, any job, to get money.

Many have no focus to where they want to be. Life will pass you by. People need to have a desire to where they want to be and then look at what is required to get them there.

Interestingly, there are 5 Traits Of A Good Leader. These are the traits that are practiced time and time again. They are practiced because they help people to become successful.

The first of these is “Daily visualising and meditation on their goals”. Leaders have a vision, a destination. They can taste, smell and feel this destination.

You need to stay focused and more importantly stay the course. You need to stay energised, even when doing the repetitive and less interesting work.

Some people think they know it all. So there is an attitude barrier that may need to be overcome too. You need to have a willingness to learn and even to unlearn. To stay the course you will need to be teachable.

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts” – John wood.

When you stop learning you stop leading. Only when you grow, learning new skills, being good at what you do can you then make an impact.

Learn to read again. With so much information on the internet, tap into inspirational leaders. is a great site for this.

Apparently only 3% of the population plan their own path. The rest just take a job. Be different and take a 3% perspective. Have a vision and set goals and objectives to reach it.

Leonardo Displaying Traits Of A Good Leader

Leonardo Da Vinci, apart from being a great painter and sculpture, was also a genius in more fields than any scientist of any age. His note books were years ahead of their time.

He anticipated submarines, helicopters and modern inventions. In one notebook he wrote: Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its impurity and cold weather becomes frozen.

He was driven by his desire to learn more. He was teachable.

You don’t need to have a great mind like Leonardo Da Vinci to be teachable. You just have to have the right attitude.

The most important skill to acquire right now is to learn how to learn again.

A winner knows how much to learn even though considered an expert by others. A loser wants to be considered an expert by others before he/she has learned enough to know how little he/she knows.

Now start showing Traits Of A Good Leader

Are you up for a challenge? For one week, why not ask others for some advice about what you really need to do to get you to a destination of your desire. Capture some nuggets of information and write these down in you wisdom journal.

Write down what you have learned. You will be amazed what information and knowledge you will acquire. Seriously, give it a go.

Nothing is interesting unless you are interested. It is people who retard their own growth.

When comfortable, people stop learning, lose the drive and become stuck in a rut. Don’t let this be you.

Teachable people are fully engaged in life. They get excited. Be open to new ideas.

It is truly remarkable how much a person has to learn before he realises how little he/she knows.

Paradoxily, the things that made you successful may not be the things to keep you successful. You need to be willing to learn new skills.

Be teachable this week. Plug yourself into new skills and knowledge and you will grow.

I like to give people some information. I would strongly recommend reading the book “Three Feet From Gold” by Sharon L.Lechter & Greg S. Reid. This really is a great read.

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Hope you found this post useful – Traits Of A Good Leader?

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