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Inspirational Thoughts For The Day

Inspirational Thoughts For The Day – To Kick Start Your Day

This post is much about leadership and leading the way no matter what you are trying to achieve in life and times of adversity.

How often do you see or hear throughout the course of the day something useful and worth remembering – whether a saying, an idea or some inspirational message. Then how quick do you forget this nugget of wisdom?

Throughout life we need to capture moments of great wisdom, but most of all to write these Inspirational Thoughts For The Day down!

Some keep diaries, but suggest hold a small book and call it your wisdom journal. Capture these golden nuggets. You never know when you may want to refer to these.

Did you know people retain 10% what they read, 20% what they hear, 30% what they see, 50% what they hear and see, 70% what they say, and 90% what they say and do.

It is simple to retain wisdom. Write it down!

I love this quote which comes out of my journal:

You don’t get paid with what you know, but get paid with what you do with what you know.

Inspirational Thoughts For The Day – A Short Story

Here is a short inspirational story about leadership.

There was this small doughnut store in a small town. One cool morning, a young couple were sitting in one of the booths close to the cashier. Finishing the glazed donuts, the gentleman got up and paid. The cashier noticed the lady remained sitting and did not follow him.

The man returned to the table and stood in front of the lady as if reporting for duty. The lady looked at him, put up her arms then wrapped these around his neck. She was wearing a full body brace.

He picked her up and proudly carried her through the double doors and sat her in the pick up truck. Everyone watched. No one said a word.

A touching story, but the man was committed to look after his lady. He was going to do whatever it took. He was not embarrassed or afraid to stand out. Why should he be?

To get what you have never had might mean doing things you have never done. This might just mean getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks and not being embarrassed.

Get Motivated With Inspirational Thoughts For The Day

I see many today who just lack commitment. As soon as things get tough, they back down. Fewer and fewer people are fully committed and just looking for an easy way through life whether it is in their business or their relationships.

Sometimes life is just not fair. Play the game of life like you practise when no one is looking. Don’t waiver no matter what happens. You do need to do some work.

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Remember you retain 70% of what they say.

A changed routine changes the outcome. Find a winning routine and stick with it.

Hope you found this post useful – Inspirational Thoughts For The Day?

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